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Parent PORTAL is now OPEN!

Student Accounts will be reset for the start of each school year.  Your school will provide directions for setting up and resetting your student accounts, but parents/guardians will use the same login as previous years if they have already activated an account.

FOR PARENTS who have not received an activation code please email

Secondary Report Cards are available for viewing at the close of each quarter after report cards have been mailed home.  Grades prior to that are not locked and subject to change until posted.

Click on Reports and choose the appropriate marking period to view the report card once they are posted.

Secondary Attendance -  Attendance is recorded period by period.  If your child is Absent for the first 3 periods, the house secretary or attendance monitor will be verifying your child's absence from your phone call or by contacting you. One way to quickly check if there has been an attendance note on a particular day is to go to the calendar along the left menu.  You can click on the bell to be brought to the attendance screen on the portal.

Secondary (Grades 6-12)
You will be able to view student’(s) daily schedule (available during the school year)for each of your secondary children, contact information for your children, transportation information and when posted Quarter report cards.  All teachers grades 6-12 will have their gradebooks available via the Portal to keep ongoing track of students assignments and grades.  

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For Demographic changes please contact your school to file the proper paperwork.


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